Burnt Orange Dodge Charger R/T

Burnt Orange Dodge Charger R/T

Perfection doesn’t exist, but if we are speaking about close to perfect, than that’s the right word to describe this classic Mopar vehicle. It’s 1970 HEMI Burnt Orange Dodge Charger R/T just finished and in great condition. The best part of any custom build is the moment when the work it’s done, especially when we are talking about phenomenal work like the one we got here.

orange dodge charger

This Charger turn out beautiful in every segment, starting from the nice chassis work through its painting. At the back of this 1970 Burnt Orange Dodge Charger there is a white Bumble Bee stripe. The original stripe before this one was black and was matching the top, but the white Bumble Bee stripe gives the car refreshing outside looks. Beside the black top there is also a black interior inside this vehicle.

Source: Velocity

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