The Cadillac Truck You’ve Never Heard Of

The Cadillac Truck You’ve Never Heard Of

Let’s think about for a moment what you can actually fit in the back of a Cadillac Mirage. If you are into Cadillacs, well ladies and gentlemen welcome because this is a unicorn. This is one of only 204 built Cadillac Mirage pick up trucks.  This car is 100 percent made of steel and weights 4500 pounds. It’s super comfortable to drive across the country, the ride is smooth and silky.

cadillac truck

Under the hood of this Cadillac there is a 8.2 liter 500 cubic inch V8 engine that makes about 200 horsepower combined with 400 pound feet of torque. If you ever drive this vehicle, there will be an ocean of black steel in front of you, because the hood of this classic Cadillac pick up is huge.

Source: /DRIVE

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