The Secret Weapon of Carroll Shelby

The Secret Weapon of Carroll Shelby

One of the most famous names in the automotive history, Carroll Shelby ended up driving this specific car. The father of the Cobra drove this vehicle at Langhorne Speedway. This Langhorne Speedway located north of Philadelphia was built in 1925, and it was built with purpose – to test the drivers bravery. Langhorne’s nickname was ‘The Big Left Turn‘.  This Schultz Special vehicle was hand-crafted by master machinist Ray Schultz, and it was only 2000 pounds.

carroll shelby

This vehicle is powered by Cadillac engine with four carburetors. On May 17th 1959, Carroll Shelby and the Schultz Special went head to head with the Ferrari 121 LM and beat it. 1959 was three or four years before the Shelby Cobra was designed but still this car kind of looks like a Shelby vehicle.

Source: Velocity

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