Check Our Top Five Modern Muscle Car List

Check Our Top Five Modern Muscle Car List

We are starting once more with our best American muscle cars, but this time we will make our own top 5 modern muscle car list. What will be the criteria for our top 5 vehicles? Well, beside the power of the engine, the crucial things will be the design, technology they are using, or simply how much cool the car is. Now let’s start as always from the bottom and see which are our top 5 modern muscle cars on our list.

No: 5 – 2015 Pontiac Trans Am by Trans Am Depot

Let’s put a little bit excitement in our top 5 modern muscle car list with this modern 2015 Pontiac Trans Am. We have written before about this car, and it’s simply breathtaking. This Trans Am is made by Trans Am Depot, a team which have advanced their production process at the level same as the other big automotive corporations.

Pontiac Trans Am Hurst Edition 2013

Although it’s based on the Camaro platform, the Trans Am is completely different vehicle and it’s the most powerful modern muscle car on our top 5 list. The Pontiac Trans Am is equipped with Supercharged General Motors 454 cubic-inch, 7.4 liter LSX small – block V8 engine. The 2.9 liter Twin Screw Supercharger can boost the performance of the LSX engine up to 850 horsepower.

This modern Trans Am is equipped with the best parts in the automotive industry and can easily outperform all other muscle cars on our list. But because is not a serial production vehicle from one of the main American automotive corporations, we will put this 2015 Pontiac Trans Am at the fifth place on our list.

Video source: transamdepot

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