Check this 2500hp 1963 Plymouth Valiant Pro Street

Check this 2500hp 1963 Plymouth Valiant Pro Street

This muscle car goes beyond every imagination and reality, but it’s very real. This Pro Street dragster it’s based on heavily modified classic 1963 Plymouth Valiant. As you can see it has lowered body, custom hood and enormous custom rear spoiler, while the inside has a full custom interior, equipped with roll cage, bucket seats and harness because of the safety precautions.

1963 Plymouth Valiant Pro Street

Under the hood of this 1963 Plymouth Valiant there is a 528 cubic – inch V8 Hemi engine which runs on Alcohol. The engine is capable of producing more than 2500 horsepower, while during dyno testing this Mopar hits 200 mph. We don’t see every day this kind of muscle car, because of that, enjoy the 15 min video below.

Enjoy the video, source: Tinman 2 Kustoms

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