Check this Crazy 7 seconds White Camaro ZL1

Check this Crazy 7 seconds White Camaro ZL1

Crazy 7 seconds  white Camaro on the menu today. We have seen before fast Camaros, but not as fast as this heavily modified 2015 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. The modifications had affected the interior with safety roll cage, big drag racing tires, parachute and of course the Big Block engine. With the time of 7.73 Sec and 188 mph on 1/4 mile this could be the fastest modern Chevy Camaro at the time.

white camaro

But let see first what it has under the hood. This white Camaro is powered by Chevrolet’s 540 cubic-inch V8 Big-Block Crate engine, boosted with two Precision 88mm turbocharges this engine generates massive power (unfortunately the horsepower remains unknown). For optimum grip there are massive 33 inch Hoosier drag tires. This Camaro is actually built by famous Larry Larson.

Enjoy the video, source: 1320video

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