Chevrolet Opala – Brazil Production

Chevrolet Opala – Brazil Production

Many of us have not heard about the name Opala standing behind the word Chevrolet. This is a mid-size car produced by General Motors do Brazil, from the period of 1969 until 1992. General Motors do Brazil is the second largest corporation of General Motors outside of the United States, and the largest in South America. Founded in 1925, they are active for nearly 90 years. This particular vehicle was used by the Brazilian police for many years, but it was also popular on the race tracks as well.

chevrolet opala

Speaking about the engines for this Chevrolet Opala model, we can’t find machines as powerful as the American ones. However, one of the best engine options is the 250-S 6-cylinder / 4.1 L, producing 169 horsepower (126 kW).

Video Source: Wheeler Dealers

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