Chevy Nova Pro Touring

Chevy Nova Pro Touring

Chevy Nova is one of the few American classic muscles that completely regain the popularity in the modern era. Classic muscles are everywhere around us but this particular model always gets the attention on the road or even at auto shows. General Motor‘s Chevrolet started the production of this legendary vehicle back in 1962. The production get through five different generations, and ended in 1979 (1985 – 1988). This car was built on the X-body platform and was replaced by Chevrolet Citation after the 1979/80.

chevy nova

This particular 1972 Chevy Nova model is painted in some nice orange metallic color with two white stripes on the hood. It is powered by 6.7 liter 408 cubic inch small-block V8 engine. The sound of this engine is amazing and you can check that on the video bellow.

Source: Jamboolio
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