Cruising in a 1948 Lincoln Continental

Cruising in a 1948 Lincoln Continental

Cruising in this 1948 Lincoln Continental, we are in a different timezone. After the WWII car production started to back up again. On the other hand, this particular model year was the last production year for the original Lincoln Continental with the V-12 engine. Maybe not so powerful for huge machine like this but, very very smooth. Back in the days, this vehicle was the top of the list or best example for a luxury car.

1948 lincoln continental

If you drive this 1948 Lincoln Continental, you’ll notice that it’s not precise in steering, in other words it’s floating a little bit. That’s why you don’t want to drive it on a twisted mountain road, the very best solution is nice two-way highway. The V-12 employs a 75 degrees angle, instead of the more typical 60 degree angle seen on 12 cylinder machines. The transmission for this particular Lincoln model is three-speed.

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