Custom 1966 SS – Best of Chevelle Cars

Custom 1966 SS – Best of Chevelle Cars

They call it “the King of the Muscle Cars”, maybe thinking about the 1970 model year but, this custom 1966 model is surly best of the Chevelle cars. The owner Chris Jacobs, on the video bellow,  explains how much and what kind of work is done on this car, especially on the drivetrain. He says that this will always be a street car first, autocross car second etc. Whatever it is, it looks like a master peace to us.

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As a part of the first generation of Chevelles, the 1966 Chevelle was powered by different engine options. Two of the available engines were the 327 cubic inch V8 and 280 cubic inch V8 ranked at 220 horsepower. Also this model year saw a complete restyle with smooth contours, curved side windows and new grille. The available transmissions for the first generation were 2-speed automatic, 3-speed manual / automatic and 4-speed manual.

Source: RoadsterShop

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