Custom 1971 Dodge Demon

Custom 1971 Dodge Demon

There are a lot of different types of cars. The fast ones are not always the best looking or the most stylish ones, but if you are looking for the whole package, this may be the perfect combination. Cars built by Chrysler are always ‘strong’ when it comes to the performance part. We all know the story of the Dodge Demon. It is actually a Dodge Dart series built in 1971 and 1972, and it was named Dart Demon back in 1971.

1971 Dodge Demon

This particular 1971 Dodge Demon started as a 318 with automatic transmission, now it have 440 HEMI machine. It is a combination of Pro Street and Pro Touring. Interesting light blue color combined with some nice looking wheels, this vehicle may be the one for the classic car enthusiasts.

Source: Dodge

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