Custom Chevy Impala on the Streets

Custom Chevy Impala on the Streets

Here we are with this gorgeous 1969 Custom Chevy Impala SS and it’s one of the purest examples of old school muscle that we come across today. Think about for a second what actually makes a muscle car. We are talking big V8 up front, either manual or automatic drive train and a cars that never ever meant to go around the corner. They were meant to go bullet fast straight line, that’s what they do best.

custom chevy impala

The owner of this car says that the old school muscle got to sound right, it’s got to look right and it’s got to go fast. To go fast you need to have something good under the hood. This custom Chevy Impala is powered by 502 big-block machine combined with a 5-speed transmission.

Source: /DRIVE

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