Daimler SP250

Daimler SP250

The Daimler SP250, also called Daimler Dart, is a British sports car manufactured from 1959 to 1964. The name ‘Dart’ was dropped because the Chrysler’s Dodge division already have used that name before. This vehicle made the greatest success in the North-American market after its launching at the 1959 New York Motor Show. There is only one body style – (fiberglass) 2-seat open car with 4-wheel Girling disc brakes and 2.5 liter iron-block V8 engine, designed by Edward Turner, producing about 140 horsepower (100 kW).

daimler sp250

This particular Daimler SP250 is 1962 model year and also has a HEMI engine (creating about 200 horsepower) but not made by Chrysler, it’s made by Daimler. The transmission on this Daimler is 5-speed Tremec, originally there were two different production transmissions, 4-speed manual and 3-speed automatic.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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