Defiance Modern Dodge Charger

Defiance Modern Dodge Charger

This vehicle is awful. It’s 2013 Dodge Charger V8 made in post – apocalyptic MaddMax style. Also it is one of the worst driving cars ever made, if we talk about driving on road and track. On the other hand, driving this defiance Dodge Charger outside the road and track it’s a little bit different. All four wheels work for themselfs which makes the driving difficult and different from the other cars.


If someone’s saying that this is an off-road vehicle, well it’s hard do agree with that. The wheel base is too long and the height is just not enough. The guys from RegularCars have tried to test it on that kind of road and it didn’t work out. If you want to know something more about this Dodge Charger, check out the video bellow.

Source: RegularCars

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