Dirt Track Cars – Challenger Before and After

Dirt Track Cars – Challenger Before and After

The guys from Roadkill, through a Facebook post, were seeking for the coolest (old) car they could buy and rescue. The winner was a beautiful 1970 Dodge Challenger, which was used for dirt-track racing back in the 1990s along with other dirt track cars. However, this vehicle was ingnored since then, for more than a decade. Now it is time to rebuilt this beautiful 1970 Mopar classic and bring it back to its glory days.

Dirt Track Cars

There is nothing better of choosing an old vehicle and deciding to work on it until you get what you have imagined. We know that you want to see how this particular Challenger is going to be transformed. It’s always easier to be said than done. See on the video bellow how this whole project will turn up.

Source: Motor Trend Channel

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  1. Once a dirt track race car is born it should die on the dirt track. Keep her race ready and bring it to North Dakota Enduro races and let it shine. Keep up the good work u2. Maybe I’ll race against you’re Mopar next year. I’ll be running my Caprice…

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