Dodge Challenger – Now and Then

Dodge Challenger – Now and Then

A lot of people try to compare the classic Dodge Challenger with the modern one, but what do they expect to learn by doing that? It’s all about the taste. Many people are into the American muscle classics, it doesn’t have to be Mopar, it might be a Ford or General Motors product. Others, love modern technology and all those computers controlling the vehicle. The popularity of the Dodge Challenger is back for certain, but should we give a credit to the classic one. Without that car, would the modern versionĀ  still become number one modern muscle?

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger is produced in three different generations, but we’ll skip the middle one (1978 – 1983). The first generation (1970 – 1974) was dominating with the huge 440 cubic inch – 7.2 liter RB V8 engine. However, the third generation became famous with the 707 horsepower coming out of a 6.2 liter HEMI V8 machine.

Source: Autofocus. ca

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