Dodge Dart – Muscle Car With Identity

Dodge Dart – Muscle Car With Identity

New cars are just like the new buildings, they don’t carry the same personas like the old ones. If someone is wondering, why do people still live in the old buildings, the answer is simple. It’s because of the strength, the bricks, the metal, the history and the stories behind them. Here we have a car that makes you different person whenever you are driving it. The people around you will just looking you through a different eyes, from a different perspective.

1968 dodge dart black

This monster is classic custom Dodge Dart with a lot of modified parts installed. The engine is 360 small-block which is not so impressive, but this is a kind of light-weight vehicle so however it goes really fast.  The customization is not easy, but if you done it right everybody will know who are you and where you are coming from without saying a single word.

Source: /DRIVE

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