Dodge Viper Car – DNA of a Supercar

Dodge Viper Car – DNA of a Supercar

People say that this is an American exotic that is hand-crafted in Detroit. We say that whatever it is, this car will make your pulse go wild when you see it on the street. The video bellow is the latest official video released from Dodge, for their new weapon in the jungle of exotic supercars and modern muscles simultaneously. The body has always been designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency with a carbon fiber roof and new aluminium door panels. From the inside we are going to find luxury designed in some new-to-Viper colors.

dodge viper car

But the looks are not the best thing about this Dodge Viper car. We know that you can’t wait to know what’s under the carbon hood. There is a huge aluminium 8.4 liter mid-front V10 that creates unreal 645 horsepower – 600 lb-ft of torque, most in any naturally aspirated machines around the planet.

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