Driving a Ford GT40 to Le Mans

Driving a Ford GT40 to Le Mans

Have you ever tought about which car is the most iconic racing car of all time? Well, that’s something that requests a big debate and a lot of time spent analizing the candidats. Here we have a car that’s maybe the most iconic race car ever, maybe one of the favorites but surely one of the candidats for this award. Before you decide the place this vehicle takes on that list, you should know that Ford won the Le Mans 24h race with the legendary 1-2-3 finish back in 1966. Yeah it’s the legendary Ford GT40.

le mans

On the video bellow you can see the guys from Top Gear driving this classic 1966 Ford GT40 next to the “new” 2006 GT model. It is happening ahead of this year’s Le Mans race and it is witnessing Ford’s racing return. It’s always nice to see iconic race car like this with the main spotlight on it again after many years. The Ford GT40 deserves that for sure.

Source: Top Gear

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