Epic Drag Race Between Two Mustangs

Epic Drag Race Between Two Mustangs

This is a video of an epic drag race between two Ford Mustangs. For some of us, drag racing is simple. You just need to start the car, put the car in gear and just hold on the gas pedal all the way down. But on this video we can see that things are not that easy. Sometimes the things can get a little bit complicated and you may need an improvisation to get things right.



This is a race between a third and a fourth generation Mustangs. Technically speaking the most powerful engine for the third generation is 4.9 L – 302 cu in – Windsor V8 – marketed as a ‘5.0’ model. On the other hand, the most powerful engine for the fourth generation of Mustang is 5.4 L – 330 cu in – Cobra R Modular. But, this don’t mean nothing knowing the fact that vehicles used for drag racing are completely modified including the engines too.

Video Source: 1320video

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