Expedition Car – Ford Ranger + Range Rover

Expedition Car – Ford Ranger + Range Rover

Do you like adventures? If you imagine adventures to be as climbing the mountains by driving, then maybe you’ll need some kind of expedition car. Get ready for the craziest project of all time. This is one of a kind – two in one double vehicle that goes both ways, both directions at the same time. It is a combination of Ford Ranger and Range Rover coupling together. This combination gives you freedom to play in the mud and climb rocks all together.

expedition car

The creators of this Frankenstein vehicle have a lot of fun testing it. You can see that on the video below. The good side of this double vehicle for sure is the fact that if one of the two engines somehow broke, you still can get to your destination driving the other side of this vehicle. Strange and crazy project for sure, but it’s interesting to see a fully functional car like this and see the benefits of it.

Source: Motor Trend Channel

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