Fiberglass Car Bodies of the 1950’s

Fiberglass Car Bodies of the 1950’s

If you have the right car body, you can built up one of a kind custom. Especially if the body is fiberglass form the 1950’s. There is a ‘fiberglass farm’ where you can find a lot of incredible models from the post-war movement. Ray from Americarna visits this place and has a couple of questions about one particular model, the 1952 Maverick Sportster. Only seven of these vehicles were built up back in the 50’s.

fiberglass car bodies

With 16 ft long and 6 ft wide, this car was the largest fiberglass car of that era. Maverick Sportster came one year earlier – 1952, than the Chevy Corvette – 1953. The most interesting fact about this vehicle is that you can personalize it, something like the Chevrolet Impala.

Source: Velocity

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