Finally the 805HP 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat X TEST DRIVE

Finally the 805HP 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat X TEST DRIVE

And finally we have the official test drive of the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat X built by the Dream Giveaway team. We wrote earlier about this Hellcat X which we had mentioned that this muscle car is one of his kind and “if you want it, you have to win it!” For more information, please visit 2015 Challenger Dream Giveaway.

2015 dodge challenger hellcat x

But now let’s back to this 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat X test drive. As you can see, it performs just amazing, we can actually see how this Hellcat X accelerates, while the sound made by Supercharged and Turbocharged SRT HEMI Hellcat engine is just breathtaking. This remarkable and unique example will remain as one of the best Mopar muscle cars in American automotive history.

Enjoy the video, thanks to: Dream Giveaway


  1. I deserve it because I help a old man getting jumped bye 3 guy.I am know hero. Everyone I know would of done the same thing I hope. So give me the car….

  2. I know I can’t afford this Great Car but in a dream world my heart would be so satisfying to know dream can come true. Your Greatest Mopar Fan. Mopar power For ever Roel Rodriguez

  3. I would love to have one of these cars… I work at Dodge and have had the pleasure of being behind the wheel of one, It IS all that. it’s a true dream car.

  4. I would want it simply to charish and admire it’s true beauty. I am astonished at it’s high end performance and it’s look is amazing. I’m very fond of muscle cars of all kinds, including other great cars and truck. But nothing fascinates me more than a dodge challenger. Its been a long dream to own one. But times can be hard , hope this magnificent vehicle goes to a special someone. Good luck to all, may the horsepower be with you. (:

  5. I know I won’t ever get lucky and win the giveaway but if there’s a chance I do, I would give it to my dad because he’s such a hardworker and a car like this deserves a hardworking man since the car is so hard from they way it looks to its horse power.

  6. I remember being caught between a 72 challenger and a mustang at the car wash on my way to see cheech and Chong in many year’s ago I loved that car and was upset it got bumped got out to check damage and got caught between them again. I’m not a hero but still help people everyday . I just love car’s . Would love to match it up against the Camaro with a supercharged lt1 not quite stock but enjoyed driving

  7. Nice car. Not much of a demo video. My Hellcat at 707HP driven at full power will blow your hair back. Great job Chrysler

  8. Definitely would not be a trailer queen or a yard ornament. 150mph or better at least twice a week. I’d probably have to run from the cops a few times. Not to drive it would be a crime….

  9. Although it should be a lot of fun to own that car, I can’t help but think they took an unnecessarily complicated path to boosting the output of the car.

  10. I’m no Hero just an average Joe that loves Mopar. I deserve b/c I have 3 daughters and will never have a toy like this with college and weddings.. Much Love.

  11. I dont deserve the car! I do help people in need but i do not deserve these two cars! My father really deserved these two cars for the fight he has gone through! He was my hero and he taught me about many things! Cars were #1 when i grew up with him! But my father lost his fight with ALS about 9 months ago! So he did deserve the cars!

  12. im an army SSG I had a challenger rt before I was pulled out infront of by an audi owner totaling my car Im sure there is more ppl that deseve this car than me but I would love to own this car my credit was messed up by my ex wife who I bought I dodge ram for but she traded it for a chevy cruze and then had it repossessed I wanted to buy a srt8 challenger 392 hemi but my credit isn’t right anymore my funds are going towards repairing my credit now but I would cherish this car and drive it always I would love to show off mopar and dodge this car is perfect to do so and I hope it comes standard I don’t know what else to say other than after a deployment and almost 7 yrs of serving our great country there is nothing more id prob rather have than this American muscle besides my daughter in my arms.

  13. Beautiful ride. The lines flow. That engine. Everthing is right. Nailed it hard.

  14. Well I have no great story to tell, always admired American muscle cars they have just been out of my price range. All I can say is that if I had the car I would be the best advertising you can get in the UK, it would be unique.

  15. Life long mopar fanatic. This is my ultimate dream car. The holy grail of all mopars. Would love to win it as I would take care of it like it was family. Mopar or no car.

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