Find out what Nitrous Outlet 250 can do to the Viper 2015 TA

Find out what Nitrous Outlet 250 can do to the Viper 2015 TA

Maybe the Challenger SRT Hemi Hellcat is the most powerful Dodge model, but check this awesome Viper 2015 TA with extra power by Nitrous Outlet 250. This video shows us what can do Nitro to the engine, or how much extra power can put a single Nitro shot on the engine. The difference is obvious, with more than 200+ horsepower, the Nitrous Outlet 250 transform this Viper in the furious beast.

Vipar 2015 TA

Before you watch the video let’s see some numbers. This SRT Viper 2015 TA, it’s powered by Chryslers all aluminum 8.4 liter V10 engine, factory rated at 645 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft. of torque. In this video we can see three different dyno tests, without Nitro the Viper achieves the factory numbers, the second run is with Nitrous Shot 150 achieving 747whp and 713rwtq and finally Nitrous Outlet 250 generating massive 879whp and 908rwtq. To be more interesting there are CCW C12 wheels equipped with Mickey Thompson drag radial tires.

Enjoy the video Source: That Racing Channel

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