Restored ’68 – The Best Firebird Car

Restored ’68 – The Best Firebird Car

When it comes to restored American muscles, this is maybe the best Pontiac Firebird car out there. As you can see it is a 1968 model year, which is one of the best model years from this Pontiac version, and surly one of the “easiest” for customization. We say “easiest” because of the compact body style, lots of space under the hood if you organize it well and simple interior inside of the vehicle.

firebird car

The owner of this restored 1968 Pontiac Firebird, has filmed the whole process of restoration in 84 different videos. We don’t know any details about the engine of this car, but we believe it is a LS machine. However, a good looking car like this can’t be combined with bad or not good enough performance parts. Enjoy the video bellow, which contains short drive around with this black monster.

Source: Rasd4Metta

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  1. very kewl this was my first car but in a Lil better condition
    when I purchased it it came factory with the 400 and a 2 speed power glide automatic which worked I quickly switched to a manual 4 speed but kept the power glide of course and the ram air worked also I miss that car good luck with it and very nice restore

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