Ford Body Drift Rod – Saab Powered

Ford Body Drift Rod – Saab Powered

We’ve seen a lot of cars built from scratch, but this one is unique in some way. Beside the fact that it is built from ground up, the owner who made this vehicle used a body from one country (US) and machine from another country and continent (Sweden). Mixing up these two combinations brought to life this unusual Drift Rod called Urchfab. It is a Ford body with Saab machine inside of it.

ford body

Eight mounts, including evenings and weekends were enough for the owner to built this Drift Rod. He says that he was obsessed with the car until it was finished. He couldn’t wait to make the imagination reality. Because it is a drift vehicle, a lot of accidents happen on the track all the time, which means there is always something to fix.

Source: Carfection

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