Ford F350 – Fully Customized

Ford F350 – Fully Customized

The F-Series from Ford are full-size pickup trucks that started with production long time ago, back in 1948, and are still ‘alive’ until today. There are unbelievable thirteen different generations of this Ford pickup truck series. Beside the most popular F-150 model, there are few other not so popular but worth for our attention. This particular one is Ford F350 model, fully customized and with lot of modifications on it. It has 24 inch Alcoa semi wheels that makes this truck look scary.

Ford F350

This Ford F-350 has a nice paint job, black and white with some gray vinyl that looks awesome. This truck is a proof that the F-series enthusiasts can really enjoy while driving this kind of vehicle. By customizing this big monster you can get the attention on the road while working on your everyday tasks.

Source: HotRodDirtys

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