Ford GT40 Mk II – The Eternal Ferrari Rival

Ford GT40 Mk II Replica by Superformance

Some iconic supercars are very rare and expensive to buy. Superformance Company is specialized in making old and iconic models of Ford brand such as the legendary GT40, Cobra and Daytona. Superformance beside the original look of the car, they make that car even better than the original. With the combination of superior modern engine and vintage style, the Superformance GT40 becomes overwhelming classical supercar where can compare with other present supercars made by Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren.

Superformance Ford GT40 MKII

The Superformance GT40 Mk II Replica is powered by a Ford 351W V8 engine, which producing 550bhp and 535lb-ft of torque at 5200rpm. From 0 till 60mph it goes in just 3.7Sec and top speed is amazing 207mph at 6230rpm. The power of the engine is transferred via ZF/RBT 5 speed transmission system on the rear wheels, which are Yokohama Avid with dimensions of 225/60R15 at the front and 275/60R15 at the rear wheels. For better braking performances there are Wilwood “Super Light” discs and calipers.

Specification and photo source: Superformance, video source: ElectricFederal

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