Ford Mustang Collection – 5500 Cars

Ford Mustang Collection – 5500 Cars

There are a lot car collectors around the world. This one is ‘called’ the man with the 5500 Mustangs. He owns one of the largest American classic muscle cars collections around the world. Of course, not all of the 5500 cars are real, there are a lot of model cars included but still his Ford Mustang collection is huge. He says ‘when you come into my garage, you come into my dream and my life’. Adelbert Engler saw a model of Ford Mustang in one store when he was 8, he bought it with money of his savings. Since then, as he said, he got completely crazy about Mustangs and made this grand collection.

ford mustang collection

His collection has been becoming bigger and bigger, so he transformed his garage completely and built a vitrine of 25 meters and filled it with Mustang models. Adelbert has a Christmas tree with only Mustangs on it, radio controlled cars, whiskey bottle in the shape of a Mustang and many other interesting staff related to this iconic classic muscle.

Source: Ford Europe

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