Epic Drag Race Between Two HEMI Cars

Epic Drag Race Between Two HEMI Cars

It’s always a good time for a cool drag race, especially when it comes to Mopar cars. This time we have two classic HEMI cars against each other. The first vehicle is the iconic 1967 Plymouth GTX with 426 machine under the hood. Beside the 426 cubic inch engine, there are also 2 – 4 barrel factory carburetors. This combination is rating this car at huge 425 horsepower.

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On the other hand we have the legendary and “younger” 1970 Dodge Challenger. It is powered by the famous 440 cubic inch 6-pack engine. There are also a 3 – 2 barrel carburetors under the hood of this classic Mopar. This combination is enough for 390 horsepower. It is an epic drag race between two very rare HEMI cars, and you can see the results at the end of the video bellow.

Source: Road Test TV

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