Hennessey Mustang – 207.9 Mph

Hennessey Mustang – 207.9 Mph

This Hennessey Mustang was tested in Uvalde Texas, at Continental Tire’s track. This Uvalde track is the same place where the HPE700 Mustang hit 195 miles per hour earlier this year. The new 207.9 miles per hour is the new record breaking speed for Hennessey Mustang, filmed for Jay Leno’s Garage episode on CNBC later this year. As you can see it’s a yellow painted supercharged Mustang with the new modern ‘face’ that some of us don’t like it so much.

hennessey mustang

Speaking about this new sixth generation (2015 – ), there are only two body styles in the production line, 2-door coupe fastback and 2-door convertible. The engine range starts from 2.3 liter EcoBoost L4 through 5.2 liter Voodoo V8 machine. The transmission is 6-speed manual / Getrag MT82 and 6-speed automatic / 6R80.

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