Holden HQ 1971 – The Most Epic Burnout Ever

Holden HQ 1971 – The Most Epic Burnout Ever

As we know Australians are one of the biggest muscle car enthusiasts and this video below it proves everything. As we can see, Rodney Waters Holden HQ sedan is one crazy powerful and burnout hungry muscle car, he rips apart every new set of tires in just a few seconds. We think that this is one of the most epic and spectacular burnout ever made, the crowd just loves them.

holden hq

Holden is Australian General Motors Company. HQ model firstly was introduced in 1971 and was produced till 1974. The V8 engines that were provided for this model were Holden V8 253c. I (4.1L) 185bhp, 308c.i (5.0 L) 240bhp and Chevrolet 350c. I (5.7 L) with 275bhp. Transmission system was 3-speed, 4-speed manual and 5-speed automatic.


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