Jaguar F Type R VS Challenger Hellcat

Jaguar F Type R VS Challenger Hellcat

On a first sight, the difference between these two cars is big, but let’s give the Jaguar F Type a chance. We have a match between the famous 707 horsepower machine produced by Dodge against the 550 horsepower vehicle produced by the British/European luxury manufacturer. But on the other hand this is a duel between supercharged vs supercharged car, rear wheel drive versus all wheel drive and best of all, cat vs cat.

jaguar f type

We’ve seen a lot of testings and races between different cars, especially American ones, and this drag race that we’ve got here is special in some way. Maybe because we have American and European vehicles against each other. Will the famous 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat be a good represent of the States, or the luxury convertible will make the Europeans proud? Find out on the video bellow and enjoy it.

Source: The Fast Lane Car

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