Jeep Charger and Ram VS Canadian Snow

Jeep Charger and Ram VS Canadian Snow

All the cars around the world should be tested in different weather conditions. One of the most difficult condition is the snow for sure. You can guess that there is one perfect place to do that, Canada (Montreal). Chrysler Corporation has many models that can do answer this challenge, the only question is which car should be tested first. The guys from The Fast Lane Car decided to give it a try with the Police Dodge Charger. After the Police Charger passed the test, next in line are the Jeep models waiting for their chance to show what they a capable of.


It’s not so hard to guess that there is no weather condition that can stop the Jeep models, so next one for testing is the Dodge Ram AWD. On the video bellow you can watch these Chrysler models competing in the snow, but remember, there are no winners and losers here, only showing that the snow will not causing any problems if you are in the right vehicle.

Source: The Fast Lane Car

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