Junkyard 1956 Buick Century Project

Junkyard 1956 Buick Project

Some people just love to rescue old classic cars from the junkyard. The guys from RoadKill are one of those people. In this latest episode they found an old and rusty 1956 Buick Century. This classic vehicle was staying in the junkyard for 25 years waiting for rescue and that day had finally came. The gust from RoadKill actually went to this junkyard to hack a 1973 Chevy Corvette but they found this Buick Century more challenging.

1956 buick

This is one of the biggest rescue projects ever. Chassis is in a really bad condition. It’s very very rusty, which means a lot of work to do. On the video below you can see how the whole project starts and which are the first steps of the rescue. We hope to see more videos and pictures of this car, when the project is done. Until then, leave it to the fantasy.

Source: Motor Trend Channel

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