Modern Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs Classic 340 Six Pack T/A Challenger

This is the ultimate question, which are better, the classic or the modern American muscle cars. In the last century, at the beginning of ‘60s till late ‘70s were produced some of the most legendary, iconic and most powerful muscle cars, where some of those still are living their glory in this 21st century, after 50 years and more.

Dodge Challenger SRT8

Here we have 1/4mile battle between some of the most powerful Mopars, the Modern 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 powered by Chrysler’s 370 cubic-inch or 6.1 liter V8 HEMI engine, generating 425 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque. This SRT8 is equipped with 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission system spinning the rear axle, accelerating to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds and top speed of 170 mph.

Video source: Road Test TV

On the other side the classic 1970 Dodge Challenger 340 T/A Six Pack is powered by Chrysler’s 340 cubic-inch or 5.6 liter LA V8 engine with 3 double barrel carburetor, factory rated at 290 horsepower (unofficial 320 horsepower) and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. In the 340 T/A were fitted TorqueFlite automatic or Hurst-shifted 4-speed manual transmission system. On the paper the modern Challenger is much more powerful, but who is actually faster, please watch the video!


  1. i too am from the classics era and favor muscle cars from the 70s. I was surprised dude in the SRT8 didn’t heat up the rear tires on the car before coming to the line. surely you noticed the result when he finally did do a burnout first. The old 340 sixpac was all DIRECT CONNECTION

  2. It’s all in how the power is transferred to the rear wheels the 70 six pack most likely has a higher rear differential gear ratio which means faster off the line and a four speed with a driver who knows how to shift will take the srt everytime. Also the srt with all its power was factory set for maximum fuel economy. It can be made to go faster if you know how to reprogram the computer.

  3. Really? first of all HELLCAT. Secondly, the post doesn’t even know if the car was automatic or what engine it had. Obviously the classic car was modified. I prefer the classic but it wasn’t even worth posting this crap race.

  4. The old classic has probably 12:1 compression ratio vs these new hot rods at what 8:1 ?

  5. The new challenger weighs almost 4400 lbs. Look how big the damn thing is. The original challenger is probably close to a thousand pounds lighter, and that is the biggest difference in how these races turned out.

  6. The ta is not near stock and I estimate 555 Hp!!! The SRT was way slow for what it is. It’s so bad if you switched drivers the SRT8 would probably win!! I would!!!

  7. This whole thing is a joke. The 70′ challenger stock ran 14’s which is about what my Nissan Altima 3.5 will run… That’s documented on limitless sources online. The car in the video is obviously not stock.

    Also the SRT8 is a 392 not a 370 whatever the heck that is supposed to be. The SRT8 even though it is heavy as hell has ran 12’s stock.

    Though I’d love to have the 70′ in the video that is anything but stock.

    • 392 (6.4L) didnt come out till 2011,the car shown was 2008 ( 6.1L), and the post was wrong the car came with a 5 speed auto or a 6 speed manual, in 2008 no manuals in canada

  8. No way the 70 is near stock and they did switch drivers. The second driver improved the SRT by 3/10 of a second. Still seemed a little too slow although that year SRT wasn’t all that fast. I smoked several in my G8 with exhaust, tune and intake.

  9. Whoever was driving the ta was constantly missing shifts and the reactions times were pretty bad in the new one

  10. The 70 sounded like it was using a 100+ hp nitrous oxide kit. Gee, I wonder why it was so much faster… I remember stock 340 Challengers. They were on the slow side. I could usually beat them with my low 15 second Chevelle.

    • My 70 340 Duster use to eat the Chevelle’s and Camaro’s alive around here but we ran 1/8 mile , ran 1/4 mile at Darlington ,SC once and beat a 69 stingray for the money , all stock except gear and tires

  11. The Challenger SRT8 ran low 13’s-high 12’s stock, the 70 in this vid had a trap speed about 10mph higher (when it’s driver wasn’t missing shifts) which indicates it has a better power to weight ratio. The 70 is nowhere near stock and I wager a guess and say the newer Challenger was just an R/T with the 5.7L, yet still a high 13sec car stock.

  12. Who was in the hemi?, Bozo the clown….those big shoes really restrict power shifts

  13. There is NO WAY an SRT8 will run steady 14’s.
    Either the driver was horrible or the car had engine trouble, An SRT8 should be in the low 13’s / high 12’s all day long.

  14. I have a 2011 SRT. I’m not a pro driver but I do better than that guy in a quarter mile the 70 had nitrous oxide he just to fast for stock car made in a factory. Nice car though

  15. When you look at 1970 Muscle Cars the biggest setback they had was primitive tire technology and lack of EFI. Just putting modern rubber on that 3400 lb vs 4400 lb car is the difference. My 70 AMX 335 hp/405ft.lbs. will run 0-60 in 5.5 and high 13s (105+mph)in the 1/4 SS.

  16. Good thing the old challenger didn’t have a 426. The srt driver would still be stuck in his tailpipe.

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