Mopar Dodge Challenger 2015 Drag Pak – Series III

Mopar Dodge Challenger 2015 Drag Pak – Series III

We have seen before, some of the 2015 Dodge Challenger models like Hellcat, Scat Pack and R/T, but now there is a new model called Mopar Challenger Drag Pak which of course will be used for drag racing. Well, what makes different this Drag Pak from the standard Challenger model?

Mopar Dodge Challenger

First of all we can notice big drag racing tires and huge air vent on the bonnet. Inside there are safety roll bars and equipment where we can see only in racing vehicles. But the most important is the engine, this Mopar Challenger Drag Pak is powered by Chrysler’s 426c.i. or 7.0liter V8 race HEMI engine with an aluminum block. Power from the engine is transferred at the rear wheels via Chrysler 727 automatic transmission system.

Enjoy the video, source: Modern Mopar

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