Muscle Cars Driven at Formula 1 Circuit

Muscle Cars Driven at Formula 1 Circuit

If you want to know what’s going to happen if the popular modern muscle cars are driven at Formula 1 circuit, you are at the right place. As one of the guys from /Drive says, the Formula 1 circuit is a place where you can misbehave legally. Three of the most popular American modern muscles are taken on the track and all three of them are interesting to observe. Lots of fun combined with some nice engine noises and lots of speed on the video bellow.

formula 1 circuit

If you are wondering which Dodge model is chosen for this testing, it’s the Charger Hellcat and we can say for sure that we miss the Challenger Hellcat on this meeting. But knowing the fact that both of the Hellcats carry the same engine under the hood, we know that the Charger can proudly represent Dodge too. There is no winner, you can choose your own champion and enjoy.

Source: /DRIVE

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