Mustangs – SEMA Auto Show 2014 Part 2

Mustangs – SEMA Auto Show 2014 Part 2

As we said in the previous article, Ford Mustang has a special place, we believe in every auto show anywhere on earth, especially in this one – 2014 SEMA auto show. This is actually the second part of the article (click to see the first part), where you can continue reviewing some of the special production Mustang vehicles on the video below. This particular one (on the picture) is created by the legendary Chip Foose, one of the two convertibles on the show, ecoboost version.

auto show

We all know that Chip Foose always does a fantastic job with every project he is creating. Outstanding pain job, really nice interior with olive color, special modern looking wheels as well. Overall, this is one of the best modern Mustangs on the show.

Video Source: The Fast Lane Car

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