New Official 2015 Dodge Brothers Commercial

New Official 2015  Dodge Brothers Commercial

We must admit that this year Dodge has the most interesting commercials ever. Where beside their two best selling vehicles Charger and Challenger, we often see the Dodge brothersJohn and Horace Dodge. (historical characters) Which playing the main role in most of their 2015 commercial campaigns.

Dodge Brothers

Now they have two new commercials. Where of course there is a burnout, which has become more like a Dodge “trademark”. Where only difference this time is made by the historical 1914 Dodge model. The other commercial, Dodge Charger Scat Pack is sending a Morse code message, which in fact is a real message, saying (YOU JUST SPENT FIVE MINUTES DECODING A MORSE CODE MESSAGE FROM A DODGE YOUTUBE DESCRIPTION). Enjoy in these two awesome Dodge commercials.


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