Oldsmobile 442 Nitro Powered

Oldsmobile 442 Nitro Powered

Have you ever wondered how cool would it be if you still have your first car? Or maybe even better, you have your first car, you’ve done some upgrades and modifications on it and you are using that same car for drag racing. Awesome! That’s the case with the Andrade family and this gorgeous Oldsmobile 442. The owner Jayce says that he got this vehicle since he was 14 years old.


He also says that the first owner of this Oldsmobile was his mom’s friend and Jayce used to ride on the back seat of this car since he was only 2 years old, back in 1971. There was a deal between him and the first owner that he would buy this Olds when he would be old enough to drive. The words “I wish I still have my first car” hearing from the other people around him kept Jayce from selling this beauty through the years.

Source: 1320video

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