Plymouth Gran Fury Police Interceptor

Plymouth Gran Fury Police Interceptor

Plymouth Gran Fury is a vehicle produced by Chrysler Corporation starting from 1974 through 1989 with a minor interruptions. It was the largest Plymouth full-size model in the range from 1975 to 1977. On the other hand, 1989 model year was the last remaining rear-wheel drive car. The rear-wheel configuration was used by Plymouth since the first car was produced back in 1928. This particular Plymouth Gran Fury Police Interceptor is part of the first generation of Gran Fury versions.

plymouth gran fury

Under the hood of this Police monster there is a huge 7.2 liter 440 cubic inch V8 machine. Also there is a huge Tunnel Ram Intake sticking out of the hood. This engine is the biggest from three different engines that were manufactured for this first generation. The transmission is 3-speed A727 automatic, the only one available for this generation.

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