Police Dodge Charger – Details and Specs

Police Dodge Charger – Details and Specs

Here is the new police Dodge Charger ready for the fastest police chases ever, and from now on the bad guys are not the only one who will enjoy that chases. The police vehicles of today are not just regular civil cars with flash lights and black and white logos on them, in fact they are highly customized.

police dodge

 Dodge have done so much to turn the Charger into police vehicle, and we all know that the real deal is under the hood where we can find HEMI V8 – 5.7 L – 370 HP engine that is more powerful that Ford and Chevy police vehicles. This kind of engine makes this car reaching from 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) in just 5.5 seconds, and the equally important stopping capacity is about 117 Ft (36 meters) from 60-0 mph.

Video Source: Motor Trend Channel

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