Pontiac Trans Am – Rebirth of the Iconic Muscle Car

Pontiac Trans Am – Rebirth of the Iconic Muscle Car

We all know that the Pontiac Trans Am is one of the best American muscle cars ever produced. After the latest model produced in 2002, General Motors had decided to shut down this iconic piece of automotive history. But now the Trans Am Depot team has resurrected this Icon among the best modern American muscle cars. But this is not an ordinary Chevy Camaro with a Trans Am body kit.

2015 pontiac trans am depot

The Trans Am Depot team has taken the production to the whole new level and have advanced their fabrication. Although is using the Camaro platform, the Trans Am is a completely different vehicle with his own personality. To build one modern Pontiac Trans Am it takes six weeks and it goes through nine different workstations, and through this process will be replaced more than 350 different parts. These changes affect the body, interior, dashboard with the center console, suspension and the engine.

Enjoy the video, source: transamdepot

Speaking of the engine the Trans Am Depot is using Supercharged Chevrolet’s 454 cubic-inch, 7.4 liter LSX small – block V8 engine. The 2.9 liter Twin Screw Supercharger can boost the performance of the LSX engine up to 850 horsepower. With the upgrade of the suspension and the brakes this modern Pontiac Trans Am can easily outperform most of his modern rivals.

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  1. Aloha, nice but it still has a chevy motor, get something done by Butler THEN itsa PONTIAC hb

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