Pro Touring Camaro – 1971 Model Year

Pro Touring Camaro – 1971 Model Year

Beautiful 1971 Pro Touring Camaro ahead. A never ending battle between the first two generations of Camaro, which one is better, stock or custom. We’ve seen a lot of different versions of the first Chevrolet Camaro generation, customized, modified with strong engines under the hood. This time, we have decided to show you one hell of a Camaro but this time from the second generation, 1971 Pro Touring Camaro.

pro touring camaro

Many different interesting details on this Pro-Tour Camaro. Beside the carbon custom hood, everything else on the car is all steel, right down to the custom widebody fenders. This second generation Chevrolet Camaro is powered by LS7 machine that produces around 700 horsepower. For more information check out the video bellow.

Source: Power Automedia

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