Pro Touring ’69 Charger – Tremendous Stuff

Pro Touring ’69 Charger – Tremendous Stuff

If there is something interesting for both old-school and the new generation of car enthusiasts, that’s pro touring for sure. This combination of classic American muscle cars with modern technology, simply can’t be unnoticed. Today we have this tremendous and nearly perfect 1969 Dodge Charger. This vehicle is something that really takes the best of the two worlds, combined together.

pro touring

The owner of this classic ’69 pro-touring Dodge Charger, says that the idea behind this car was to have an everyday car, a car for long trips and something that will get attention everywhere it shows up. To have this stuff all in one car sounds almost impossible, but he did it.  Under the hood of this Charger there is an engine that has nothing to do with the standard stock Charger engine. It’s a late model 6.1 HEMI machine. For more information check out the video bellow.

Source: FastLaneDaily

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