Thrashing Roadkill Project Cars Review

Thrashing Roadkill Project Cars Review

It all started with a road trip from Detroit to Fort Worth Texas with racing project vehicles along the way. There were many interesting things for the fans to see. One fascinating thing was the nose to nose burnouts in a truck trailer between the 1968 Dodge Charger powered with 707 Hellcat engine – General Mayhem and the modern 2015 Charger – General Maintenance also Hellcat powered.

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The guys from Roadkill chose the modern 2015 General Maintenance instead of the classic General Mayhem for driving down the road all the way to Texas. Around 20 other cars were driving behind them, some of them stopped in Kentucky and others made it through to Fort Worth. To make things more interesting it was set a rematch drag race between Hellcat Challenger and Blasphemi. Click here to check out what happened on the first drag race between these two vehicles.

Source: Motor Trend Channel

Moving forward, in Tulsa Oklahoma there were also a whole bunch of people who were waiting to see some of the Roadkill cars including the red LS powered van built in an episode of Hot Rod Garage. Well this van will be out of the drag race, that’s for sure, but still plenty of other racers enough for a good show. Finally the last station, Fort Worth TX with nearly 200 cars it was nothing but a big party. Always a pleasure when you see a scene like that and we hope for more of that in the future.

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