The Cobra Among Shelby Cars

The Cobra Among Shelby Cars

Less than 1000 original AC Cobra – Shelby cars were built by the legendary Carroll Shelby. Beside these 1000, there are many other (tens of thousands actually) copies from the original 289 and 427 AC Cobras existing out there. For these vehicles there is no need for a special introduction. We all know how iconic automobile and also, a race car it is.

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Speaking about the original vehicles, we need to mention the “continuation cars“. These “continuation cars” are brand new Shelby Cobra coupes and roadsters with an official CSX Shelby serial numbers on them. If you are wondering, whether those vehicles are original, the answer is no. But that’s only one side of the story, the other side says that there are no copies either. Tricky, hmm?

Source: The Fast Lane Car

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