Six Steps How To Make Your Hellcat Even Cooler

Six Steps How To Make Your Hellcat Even Cooler

When you are buying brand new factory 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT HEMI Hellcat, it’s already very cool looking muscle car, in fact it’s the coolest modern muscle car these days. But making it even more cooler, that’s can be very difficult. Here we have an awesome example of Japanese style modified Challenger Hellcat. But first, let’s hear some advice before trying something.

custom hellcat 01

First: For this kind of custom style body parts you will need to search for a Japanese supplier. This can be tricky, before purchasing anything from internet be aware of import costs and shipping costs.

Second: The custom body parts are made from fiberglass. They don’t fit perfectly that’s why you must modify them before installing them in place. If you can find some workshop to install the body parts, don’t go for the cheapest, it will reflect on how job it’s done.

Third: Custom air suspension as optional. With this kind of modification you can make remotely to lower the whole body. In our opinion, this is the coolest feature.

Source: Salomondrin

Fourth: For this kind of fenders you will need changing the wheels and tires. Choose some big and wide wheels and tires, because it looks much better.

Fifth: Paint your custom body parts in the color you prefer.

Sixth: Your new Challenger Hellcat will need to be ruined, in order to look much better than before. And if you want to go back with factory look, you will need to buy new body parts.

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