Story Of The First Camaro Car Ever Built

Story Of The First Camaro Car Ever Built

As every legendary American muscle car manufacturer, Chevrolet has his own beginning with his most successful model, the Camaro. The first ever Camaro car body was built in secret by Fisher Company on May 17, 1966. The coach body was delivered to Chevrolet, General Motors by Fisher on May 21st, which it has the serial number N100001.

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After testing their vehicle and keeping in secret at 10am in fourteen city’s network news conference officially for the first time was announce the “Camaro” name. The first ever built Camaro was powered by Chevrolet L26 230 cubic inch or 3.8 liter straight-6 engine, factory rated at 140 horsepower. The engine is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission system, distributing the power at the rear axle. The Camaro was equipped with whitewall tires, push button radio, radio antenna and deluxe seat belts. But for all details please watch the video below.

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